Request for Urgent Advice (Available for Purchase)

For advice over urgent matters, please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


For non-urgent matters, please fill in this form. After hearing the details of request, we will give an estimate, etc. if necessary.


Advice for Urgent Planning

We give advice to enhance your advertisement/publicity plans. After considering the details of your request by e-mail beforehand, we will answer questions, and give advices of improvements by e-mail. In addition to mail, consultation can be given over telephone, Skype, etc.


We can provide direct, personal consultation, not only to companies, but to individuals of public relations or marketing, or managers.


* When there is a large quantity of accompanying documents, or non-Japanese documents, please understand that our reply may take longer.


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  • 配送期間:3-5日

Advice by Visit

After hearing the consultation details by e-mail or telephone and by scheduling the date, we can visit your company for the advisory. The time of each visit is generally 1 hour. However, when we cannot reach a solution or when continued advice is necessary, we will propose a different estimate. Besides giving advices, we can also make proposals and work out solutions.


Although we assume visits to be in the Tokyo metropolitan area, visits to other prefectures are possible. Please contact us first.



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  • 配送期間:6-9日

Press release distribution


Press-release distribution service which maximizes the publicity effect


In cooperation with PRAP Japan, Inc., using their Digital PR Platform, we support distribution of information to the press. In order to maximize the effect of publicity/advertisement, we advise on information architecture, and we help to spread the appeals of our customers’ products and services worldwide.


1. Publication in influential mass media in Japan

2. Coordination with the social media

3. Spreading information from search engines

4. Real-time management of distribution and effects

5. Reasonable service plans


In addition to the process of distribution and publication, we can check the ripple effect on the social media, or the actual real-time responses.


<Single Plan of Distribution>

manuscript fee 10,000 yen/manuscript + distribution fee 25,000 yen/manuscript (excluding tax)


<One Month Plan (unrestricted number of manuscripts) >

manuscript fee 10,000 yen/manuscript + distribution fee 70,000 yen/month (excluding tax)


<Annual Plan (unrestricted number of manuscripts) >

manuscript fee 10,000 yen/manuscript + distribution fee 720,000 yen/year (excluding tax) (60,000 yen per month)


About Our Service


* For first time users, a preliminary review is necessary. The review requires a few days, so please consult us accordingly.

* After the preliminary review, if we decide to decline your distribution request, we will refund the total payment.

* For the “One Month Plan” or “Annual Plan”, please fill in the “Contact Us” form in advance.


Price: \35,000 (Add to Cart)

excluding tax, no delivery charges

valid, delivery period: 5 days or more



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  • 配送期間:10日以上