Sendenkaigi (2012.5.5 issue) Cover Story

“SNS ‘Arigatai’ Suishou to ‘Arienai’ Suishou” (SNS ‘Welcome’ Recommendation and ‘Unwelcome’ Recommendation)


I wrote an article about recommendation functions of SNS, from the corporate point of view.





“Sutema-Soudou ni yori Sutema ha Saranaru Shinka wo Togeru?” (Will Stealth Marketing Disturbances Cause Evolution in Stealth Marketing?)

This is a bold title, but I ended up writing about how stealth marketing will dissolve, and information will be just information for consumers.


“Kataoka Hidehiko no MPR na Hitobito” (Hidehiko Kataoka’s MPR people)


This is a 12-time serial about types of strategic public relations. 



“Hito to Hito ga Aru kagiri” (As Long As There Are People)


I interviewed a design company in Kyoto, Squeeze Inc.’s, Mki Terada. 



“Media kara Mita ‘Y Sedai’” (Generation Y from the Media Perspective)


I was interviewed about Generation Y, the generation after Generation X.




 “Datsu Only One” (Escape from Only One)


I was interviewed by 4 university students. 


“Hodo kara Ongaku made. Communication no Shigoto no Haba ha Totetsumonaku Hiroi.”

(From the News to Music. Communication Work is Very Broad.)


I was interviewed about “communication” work.


Mynavi News

“Blog wo Tsukata Promotion no Koka ha Ikani – Nihon McDonald no Chosen,

1 “Mass” to “Buzzneta” wo Kumiawaseta Arata na PR Method”

(Effectiveness of Promotions Using Blogs –McDonald’s Japan’s Challenge,

1 Combining “Mass” and “Buzz” for a New PR Method)

I was interviewed about McDonald’s Japan’s “Pitamac Car Blog Campaign”, a campaign using a blog.