Sendenkaigi (2012.5.5 issue) Cover Story

“SNS ‘Arigatai’ Suishou to ‘Arienai’ Suishou” (SNS ‘Welcome’ Recommendation and ‘Unwelcome’ Recommendation)



mixi web page of Adobe Systems Inc. (Plan/Direction)

WIRED VOL.3 (published 2012.3.15) Interview

Presented by Sendenkaigi: Strategic PR Lecture (2012.3.23)

Sutema to Senryaku PR no Kyokaisen ha Dokokara? (Where is the Boundary Between Stealth Marketing and Strategic PR?)


Reborn Club (Green Leaf International)

Marketing Advisor (2012.4~)


Fukko Department (assistant work on mixi web page)

Japan Advertisers Association Inc. (JAA)

The Fujisawa chamber of commerce & industry “Croket Monomane Stage Show” (Mimic Stage Show by Mr. Croket ) (2012.2.28)

The Fujisawa chamber of commerce & industry, Events Plan and Cooperation (2011.10~)



Adobe Systems mixi web page plan and cooperation (2011.11~)