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At Tokyo Kataoka Hidehiko office, we offer an all new type of communication, by linking independent planners, freelance artists, net media, and other companies with a specialized field, use our network with individuals, to connect with companies, people, information, the Internet, mass media, community, artists, creators, students, and NPOs. We do not only provide consulting services from our desks, we also coordinate contact between different industries like large companies and students, local governments and artists, small businesses and freelance creators. Through the infinite power of the network , we actual produces and take measures for realization as well as make proposals for PR strategy. Unsatisfying in the way until now , people company , personal , please feel free to consult us. For those companies and individuals who haven't been satisfied with the way things are done so far, feel free to contact us. 



Making good use of our marketing experience at Nippon TV, Apple computers, MTV, McDonalds Japan and more, we develop with the idea that the mass media, interactive media, including shopfronts, people, and word of mouth is "media". We conduct various PR strategies that are both small budget and timely, by connecting companies and public entities, NPOs, NGOs, and student circles with the mass media. 




Internet / SNS


By using our marketing experience at SNS companies, how can we gain the trust of customers without a lot of effort? We see things from the customer's perspective, and then propose what kind of communication companies should try now. Every day we try to come up with the answer to the question of how we can best convey the appeal of a service to the customer without putting limits on expression and technology. 




Lecture / Seminar / Writing 


Apart from a series of articles for cultural and marketing magazines like  "Web da capo", "AdverTimes", "WIRED"we conduct lectures in the field of marketing for organizations like theJapan Advertiser's Association and the Public Relations Society of Japan. We also hold lectures related to marketing, corporate social contribution activities (CSR), regional development, advocacy activities, advocacy marketing, and PR strategy at Keio University among others.